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Nearby Attractions

African Lion Safari

African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. Our manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.

They first opened the gates to the public in 1969 with 40 lions in 3 reserves; today the park houses in excess of 1000 animals of over 100 species. After 37 years they have been successful with breeding 30 species that are considered endangered, and 20 or more species that are considered threatened. The original idea of "maintaining self-sustaining populations of species in decline" is still our priority.


Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum - website

Fans are encouraged to come and share in the history and excitement offered by a visit to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum.

Address: 58 Jackson Street West, Hamilton, Ontario, L8P 1L4
Phone: (905) 528-7566


Battlefield House Museum

Relive the olden days of Upper Canada at this national historic site, which is situated on the same spot that the Battle of Stoney Creek took place at in 1813. Staff dressed in period costumes will explain the history of the area and bring life to the triumphs and hardships of the Gage family.

Address: 77 King Street West Stoney Creek ON Canada L8G 5E5
Phone:  905 662-8458 

Erland Lee Museum

This museum is located in the carefully preserved historical home of Erland and Janet Lee. Built in 1873, the home is an example of Gothic architecture and showcases a number of historical items from the late 1700's and onward. The home is often known as the birthplace of Women's Institutes because of the founding role the Lee's had in that organization. Located minutes from Hamilton in Stoney Creek.

Address: 552 Ridge Road Stoney Creek ON Canada L8J 2Y6
Phone:  905 662-2691 

Fifty Point Conservation Area

This park has a number of attractive features, including world-class marina facilities and one of the cleanest beaches in Ontario. Enjoy a stroll on the promenade, enjoy a meal with a picturesque lakefront view, go fishing, enjoy a wilderness picnic or camp out at this true getaway. Located minutes from Hamilton.

Address: Baseline Road Stoney Creek ON Canada
Phone:  905 525-2187 

Punch Bowl Country Market

This popular market offers a wide selection of fresh produce, freshly baked treats and specialty food items. They are known throughout the region for their delectable pies. Just look for the noticeable red barn near Hamilton.

Address: 136 Ridge Road Stoney Creek ON Canada L8J 2W1
Phone: 905 662-1665 


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